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To choose the right item, you should understand the difference between geotextile woven vs non woven. If you are planning to build a house or strengthen an existing building, you can consider using geotextiles.

An example is woven geotextile. This material is one of the economical solutions that can be applied in various civil engineering projects and make the soil more settled. However, there are two types of fabrics which are available in the market.

You should understand about them in order to choose the right material. Based on the geotextile woven vs non woven difference, it can be known that both are not the same. Here is the further detail about those materials.

Geotextile non woven
Geotextile Woven

Geotextile Woven vs Non Woven

As it is named, it shows that Indicates woven geotextile is a sheet of geosynthetic material made from woven synthetic fibers. This sheet gets additional protection to be resistant to UV rays.

Its tensile strength is high enough to solve the problem of soil improvement. Besides that, it also has other characteristics to understand as follows:

1. Can Withstand with a Heavy Load

This woven process makes this type able to withstand a fairly heavy load, as well as relatively tight pores. That is why; water and other liquids do not easily pass through this material.

This characteristic can be applied to erosion countermeasures. It is commonly used for civil engineering too due to its effectiveness.

2. Strengthen the Soil

From the geotextile woven vs non woven differences, you may note something. The problem of making roads or piles of soft soil bases such as swamps can be overcome using this woven type.

The strength is also higher when compared to non-woven One. As a reinforcement of soft basic soil, the woven type is usually used as a layer to fill the top. Basically, it can distribute the load on it evenly so that it can reduce land subsidence.

3. Perfect for Some Areas

This type is also good for some areas. Examples are the beaches, Former swamp land that has soft soil contours, house construction, and railway lines.

When installed correctly, this fabric will improve the ground performance, reduce long-term maintenance costs, and extend project life. That is why; many people use this type too

What is Non-Woven Geotextile?

The non-woven is a type of geotextile that does not go through a woven process. However, it is rather through a thermal process (with heat), chemical, or mechanical.

This fabric is made from polyester or polypropylene fiber. The shape is very similar to a carpet, so many people call this material a street carpet.

This is one of the construction materials that can be penetrated by water because it has permeable properties. Usually, its function is as a separator, stabilizer, and filtration.

As a separator, woven geotextile is actually more widely used. The geotextile woven vs non woven clearly shows everything.

Even so, wide non-woven geotextile sheets can be used to prevent one material from mixing with others. The geotextile woven vs non woven is also from the price where the non-woven is more affordable.

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