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How long does geotextile last? Knowing its lifespan is essential so that you can consider many things. Examples are the budget and other considerations before using this material. 

It is a geosynthetic material that can improve the ground characteristics. Somehow, it can separate, harden, filter, protect, and drain water when you use it together with soil.

Due to this thing, geotextile can be used for many infrastructure projects. Those are dumping sites, harbors, dumping structures, and many more again.

How Long Does Geotextile Last?

The lifespan of this material is quite long. You don’t need to change it too often, especially if you choose a high-quality material that has a good thickness. 

There are three types of geotextiles such as woven, nonwoven, and knitted. These three types have their characteristics and strengths. That is why; you should choose the right one based on your projects. 

How long does geotextile last? Based on experience, the service life of this material is longer than other materials such as polypropylene.

The fiber geotextile for example will last up to 50 years or even more if you do the right maintenance. Based on the data, the lifespan can be extended up to 20 years when certain combinations and treatments are done. 

Woven or Non-Woven?

The woven geotextile is a sheet of geosynthetic material that is made from woven synthetic fibers. Usually, it has the UV-resistant feature, and here are other features that it has. 

1.     Can accommodate the heavy weight

This woven process makes this type able to withstand a heavy weight. That is why; water and other liquids will not easily pass through this material. You should use it in the right project and not for filtration.

This type is usually applied to erosion countermeasures. It will act as a reinforcement agent as well to help strengthen the soil where this fabric is installed.

2.     Make an Area Stable

The woven type is strong and durable where the strength is also higher when compared to non-woven One. As a reinforcement agent for soft basic soil, this woven is also applied as a layer to fill the top. 

Basically, it will distribute the load on it evenly where that is the key to reduce land subsidence. You may purchase this item to protect a land.

3.     Recommended for Many Lands

This type is recommended for many places around us. Those are the beaches, Former swamp land that has soft soil contours, railway lines, houses, and so on.

This woven geotextile can improve the ground performance, help you to reduce long-term maintenance costs, and extend project life. It is a reason why this type is highly recommended.

How about the Non-Woven?

The non-woven is a type of geotextile that is made without a woven process. It uses thermal, mechanical, or other chemical processes. You may note that it is made from polyester or polypropylene fiber. 

Furthermore, these materials can be penetrated by water because it has a high permeability feature. The functions of this non-woven are separator, stabilizer, and filtration.

How long does geotextile last? Based on the explanation it can last for more than ten years, and can be more if you did the right maintenance.

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