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The needle punched geotextile for sale is now easy to find. It is because the amounts of manufacturers are getting more and more. Besides that, they also have an online service.

It means that they may sell their products on some e-commerce platforms or they make their official website. That is a website where they display all the information that we need about this geotextile.

Those are the information about the prices, sizes, materials, shipping, and so on. Checking that website is a safe option to choose the best products that suit you.

Geotextile non woven
Geotextile non woven

The Common Description

The needle-punched geotextile product like this is usually made with a 100% needle punch process. If you can choose the best quality item, the tensile strength will be stronger. 

Furthermore, this product is usually used for certain construction projects, soil erosion, irrigation, toll roads, and so on. The needle punched geotextile for sale is made with an interlocking method.

It uses a lot of needles to make the fibers in certain formations. The filament web is sent to the needle punch section. At this stage, the filament will be perforated by several needles to lock the fiber inside.

The next step is called winding. The threads that have been glued together to form a large sheet of cloth meet the gap. Both edges of the sheet are then trimmed to remove rough edges that are not neat and uniform due to the manufacturing process. 

Once they are cut and trimmed, the fabric is wound onto a larger roll. Once this process is complete, the fabric roll is ready to be packaged and shipped.

The Needle Punched Geotextile for Sale Details

Besides the common description above, you must know some more details about this geotextile. Below are the functions and other information about the needle punched geotextile.

1.     High Level of Flexibility

Non-woven also has a high level of flexibility, it is higher than the woven one. This makes non-woven is good or ideal to use as a separator. The thickness and puncture resistance of this item is a great protection to use.

It is especially for geomembranes in pond areas, drainage, dams, river channels, coastal works, embankments, mining, and final disposal. You may ever see this product is used there.

2.     Great for Filtration

These items are also used in the projects where filtration and drainage are required. This product is designed to have the ability to filter some small particles.

However, the design still allows water to continue flowing. That is why; it is recommended for separation in paving applications, areas of asphalt, and concrete roads.

3.     Resistant to Damage

This needle-punched geotextile is strong and resistant to damage because it has structural stress. It is a special design made by the manufacturer to give an excellent strength that is needed by many projects.

The good thing is that this material is quite affordable. You can say that it is a cost-effective solution that the engineer can have.

If you need to run a project that needs a maximum result and an affordable budget, this item must be on your list. The needle punched geotextile for sale is now easy to find around us.

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