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Geofabrics bunnings factory in Indonesia – As one of the geofrabic suppliers with the best quality and price, we have many types of geosyncntic materials for various purposes of highway projects and other building constructions. The sale of geotextiles in Indonesia is so popular, because there are so many people who need quality materials at the best prices in their class.

It is not surprising that the geofrabic that we sell is really of high quality according to your needs. There are many types of products from geofabrics bunnings factory in indonesia that we sell with various specifications and advantages themselves.

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Some Reasons to Choose Geofabrics Bunnings Factory in Indonesia

  • Geosynthetics Expert

Our geofabrics bunnings product market is currently in australia and new zealand geo fabric bunnings factory in indonesia has long been engaged in geosynthetic products with a wide range of materials, geocytentic preparations are quite diverse according to the needs of contractors. So you can choose at a cheaper price and of course products with good quality.

We also help you to determine the type of geofabric according to your needs, so that you get the right materials for the project or building work. Get an explanation from a team of professionals related to the project you are running.

  • Warranty and quality assurance

We guarantee that the Geofabric products that we sell to you are superior products with the best quality in their class. The best price with a warranty guarantee if the product you get is not in accordance with the wishes or specifications expected.

Each product we sell is based on specifications or usage standards for maximum development projects with stronger and better finishing. We also provide an experienced team for those of you who want to know the geofabric needs for the project you are running.

  • Fastest delivery

The fastest delivery of materials is one of our advantages compared to other companies, we maximize mateial delivery with the expedition we have so that it comes according to the specified dateline. You can choose the best time for the delivery process while still taking into account the mileage if you are outside the city.

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Sell Geotextile Non Woven

What are the production results made by Geofabrics Bunnings Factory?

There are many types of geosynthetic products that we provide for your project needs, they are available in one company for all needs. Do not hesitate to contact us and immediately order geofabric products of your choice at affordable prices and guaranteed quality. Here are some of the geosynthetic products we sell:

  1. Geogrid

It has a sheet shape and there are two types of choices from consumers, both types of polyester material and Polypropilene material.

  1. Geocomposite

This one product also consists of two types for the purposes of the project you are running.

  1. Geotextile

It consists of two types of woven and non woven that you can get at a low and affordable price.

  1. Geomembrane

Plastic sheets with raw materials made of HDPE / LLDPE and PVC are obviously quite perfect for your project’s building material needs.


As an Indonesian geofabric supplier, we provide products with the lowest price and guaranteed quality. So you can get products with maximum quality. For those of you who want to order geofabric products, you can contact our geofabrics bunnings product market is currently in australia and new zealand geo fabric bunnings factory in indonesia, we and we are ready to help you get products with appropriate specifications and certainly optimal.

For more information about Geo Fabrics please contact: Whatsapp/Mobile Phone : +62 811 1721 338 (Ms. Ais), or Email : [email protected].