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Geotextile Factory in Indonesia  – Geotextile is one of the Geosynthetics (Geosynthetics) materials that can be use as separators, filters, protection, and reinforcement. The basic material for making Geotextile is Polyesther or Polyprophilene which in general geosynthetics that exist today consist of various types and are classified in several, namely Geotextile, water-passing materials from woven or no woven (non woven) from threads or synthetic fibers that are functioned in earthworks.

And now a wide range of products from the Geotextile Factory in Indonesia are widely ordered and purchased for the construction of roads on soft soils where there is a lot of peat soil. The use of synthetic materials is related to the durability (durabilitity) properties of synthetic materials in chemical compounds, weathering, wear, ultra violet rays and microorganisms. The most important polymers that are used for geosynthetic manufacturing are Polyester (PET), Polyamide (PM), Polypropylene (PP), and Polyethylene (PE).

We are geotextile factory in indonesia provides POLYMER-based Geosynthetics (Polyester, Polypropylene, and Polyethylene) that have high tensile strength and elasticity that have been tested at the textile testing laboratory and come from factories that have standardized our geotextile fabric product market is currently in australia and new zealand always ready to provide geotextile products with the best quality for you.

List of Geotextile Product Options from Geotextile Factory in Indonesia

We provide many geotextile options that you can choose according to what you want ranging from geotextile woven zulzer, geotextile woven circular, geotextile non woven polypropylene (PP), geotextile non woven Filament (LS), geotextile non woven polyester (PET), geobag / sanbag, smooth geomembrane, geogrid biaxial PP, geopipe, vertical garden, slope saver and many others. Please order a low price geotextile that suits you and we are always ready to help make your project development a success.

Why Should You Choose Geotextile Products from Geotextile Factory in Indonesia?

  • Priced

We provide prices and guarantees of quality standards that are met but at the most affordable prices for all our loyal customers, as well as a low minimum order quantity.

  • Experienced

We were founded to offer quality geo-solutions to all our esteemed clients. We have worked hard to excel as a leading company and have been tested in experience, service, and product offerings.

Sell Geotextile Non Woven
Sell Geotextile
  • Best Service

We are committed to always providing the best service and we are always ready to give our warm welcome to make you satisfied with the prices and goods you get from us.

  • Quality Products

Providing high quality products with a large selection of types ranging from Geotextile, Geomembrane, Geogrid, Geonet, etc.

  • High-Tech Machinery

In production with high-tech machines so we are sure to have provided geosynthetics products with good quality according to the wishes and needs of your project.

  • Understanding Consumer Needs

We are oriented towards providing optimal and efficient products according to the needs of customers.


Our geotextile fabric product market is currently in australia and new zealand, therefore we will also always provide very cheap geotextile prices from other companies. Because currently there are many industries that use geotextile including Moven and non woven geotextiles, Therefore. You can save more money when using our geotextile for a variety of purposes.

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