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Geofabric is a kind of material that is maybe uncommon for some people. In fact, it is an essential thing that you can use in many kinds of industries or business sectors.

It is a synthetic sheet that is porous so that it has translucent and flexible properties. Usually, it is used as basic soil stablization in civil engineering work.

This material itself is divided into two types where they have the different characteristic and functions. Those are the woven and non-woven geofabric.

The Woven Type

This woven is in the form of sheets produced from woven material made from Polypropylene (PP) or Polyester (PET). At first glance, it looks like woven rice sacks, but this item has high tensile, puncture, and tear strength. Based on that characteristic, this woven type has some functions and here are the lists:

1. As a Separator

As explained in some sources, the placement of this woven geofabric is usually between the soft soil and landfill. The function is as a separator and filter.

We all know that this material has high permeability properties, so that water can penetrate through the pores of this item.

However, in this case, this good is able to hold the soil grains above for not to be carried away by water. It is effective to prevent the mixing of landfill grains with soft soil which can result in the collapse of the soil reinforcement structure.

2. As a basic soil reinforcement

For soft basic soil reinforcement, woven geofabric material is usually used as a layer. It is then backfilled on top where this item can distribute the load on it evenly so as to prevent basic soil subsidence. 

For installation methods there are several guides that you may follow. One thing for sure is that the installation depends on the soil conditions and the goals to be achieved.

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Non-Woven Geofabric

This is the second type that you can note. These are not made through a woven process, but rather through thermal, chemical, mechanical engineering or mechanical combination techniques using high-tech machinery.

The basic material of the maker is Polyester fibre and there is also polypropylene. Besides that, the physical shape is different from woven One. Non-woven is more like a carpet therefore many call this product as a road carpet. Below are it’s common functions for people:

1. As a Separator

At first glance, its function is the same as the woven type as a separator. However, this non-woven is not focused on strengthening the soft soil.

Usually, the basic soil condition is quite good. It means that the non-woven type is chosen as a layer of separation between the base soil and the landfill.

2. As a filtration

The goal of this geofabric type is also to drain water underground without carrying heap particles so that it is not mixed with the bottom soil. Sometimes, it is also applied as a wrapper of drainage pipes.

That generally use perforated, so that soil does not enter the pipe and water can still flow properly. If you need the types above, BaliGEOTEX is the recommended manufacturer to choose.

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