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Currently geotextile factory in indonesia has become one of the manufacturers trusted to handle geotextile needs for construction projects. Geotextile itself is the most widely used material in the geotechnical world. In addition, due to the conditions and geographical location of the Territory Indonesia mostly has soft soil conditions.

Therefore, geotextile made by geotextile factory in indonesia is very helpful in terms of soil strengthening. Many people choose this material because it has a cheaper price compared to other materials. Although it has a low price, this one material is not inferior to the quality and strength offered. Geotextile has excellent durability so that it makes the soil not easy to subside or landslides.

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The function of the Geotextile of the Geotextile Factory in Indonesia

Generally, geotextile has two types available in the market, namely woven geotextile and non woven geotextile. For geotextile woven, it is generally made of polypropylene polymer (PP) material and also made of Polyester (PET).

Geotextile woven itself has the form of a sheet whose fibers are woven or woven. Then, for the type of non woven geotextile or commonly referred to as filter fabric, it has a shape that is more or less similar to geotextile woven but without webbing. This material is produced at the Geotextile Factory in Indonesia by needle punch and heated. The basic material of non woven geotextile itself is the same as geotextile woven, namely polypropylene polymer (PP) and also made of Polyester (PET).

These two types of geotextiles have almost the same function that distinguishes their use depending on the type of soil and the purpose of construction. Unlike ancient times, nowadays contractors no longer use sacks as concrete cover covers, and have also begun to switch to using geotextile materials as pentup covers.

Geotextile materials also make the curing process easier, more effective, and more efficient. This material can help the construction process faster because this material is easy to apply so that it does not take long. Geotextile factories in Indonesia also provide products at affordable prices so as to save the budget in working on construction projects. Therefore, this material is sought after and needed in various construction projects in Indonesia.

Sell Geotextile Non Woven

Geotextile Factory in Indonesia is currently developing strong PET and PP materials so that consumer satisfaction is maintained. The quality is also made into a variety of the simplest nauseai to strong synthetic materials so that the price is quite high.

 Recently developed geotextile products such as geotextile non woven Continuous Filament (LS) as a variety of options to meet consumer demand. With increasing and diverse consumer needs, geotextiles in Indonesia also continue to prioritize the quality of the materials used apart from quantity. Making this product able to support sustainable development in Indonesia today. Many manufacturers compete to produce geotextile so that in price and quality will continue to be maintained to always provide the best.


Our geo fabric fabric product market is currently in australia and new zealand has always been a favorite of many people because it prioritizes product quality. In addition, the prices offered are also affordable and punctuality of delivery to all regions in Indonesia.

All done to maintain consumer satisfaction and good reputation of the products offered. In addition to selling geotextile there are various other geosynthetic products offered such as cast plastics, geogrids, plastic bags, geobags, geomembranes, geocells, and many more.

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