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The non-woven Geofabric drains are the concepts that you may need to try, especially for a landscape aim. Here in this article, you can get many information about it.

Actually, whether it is a woven or non-woven; both of them are designed to make soil is more stable and support the ground at the same time. However, in choosing the right product, make sure to consider the surface type.

Besides that, you should know your goal as well. In fact, choosing the right geofabric drains will create a good difference for your project’s outcome.

Why You Have to Choose the Non-Woven Type

This non-woven is really good for drainage because the main concern of this product is to flow the water (permeability). Usually, the non-woven landscape fabric is applied on several areas.

Those are in the drain-fields, French-drains, and to control the erosion. This type can make eater flow easily because it has the poly-spun varieties and needle-punched.

This non-woven material is commonly applied as a landscape goal in order to support the adequate drainage, ground stabolization, and filtration. There is also other reasons of why it is good for the geofabric drains.

The weights are also varied from the lightweight, medium, and heavy. That is why; you can suit based on your needs and budgets as well.

Sell Geotextile
Sell Geotextile

The Weight Categories

There are three different weight categories that you can choose. Below are the lists of tge weights:

1. Light

It is between 2 OZ up to 3 OZ. It is a drain-field type application, substrate cushioning, and has the high flow rates. The 3oZ is mostly used behind the retaining wall as a barrier between the gravel and dirt.

2. Medium

The medium is between 4oz to 6 OZ. This type allows water penetration without displacing the ground. Besides that, it can help to control erosion, functioned as separator and drainage.

3. Heavy

The heavy weight non-woven for geofabric drains is usually between 8Oz up to 16oz. It is recommended if a land requires more strength and permeability.

This heavy type is more durable and resistant that makes it perfect for underneath the large rip-rap. It is also good as the geomembrane cushioning when it is applied to the artificial lakes and retention barriers.

Furthermore, it can be applied as a separation layer for sand under the volleyball court. The perfect choice is 8Oz where the goal is to prevent the mixing of ballast.

Choose Your Best Geofabric drains

The explanation above may give you some overviews about the product. If you need it for under the railroad tracks, the right size option is 16 OZ.

Meanwhile, the drainage mat roll is better for the papers and artificial turf. There are various sizes and types for this roll that you may choose.

Another tip is if you need it for the French drain application. The 4OZ fabric is good because it offers more durability and high water flow rates. For whatever you need, BaliGEOTEX is the right manufacturer.

It provides many products that will fit your budgets and needs. That is why; you are able to choose the best geofabric drains at the affordable price.

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