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The geotextile fabric is used in many industries nowadays and it also has several types. One of them is known as the non-woven. It has several characteristics and details that you should know.

Basically, developments in the world of construction are indeed increasingly rapid today. Geotextiles are one of the products that are highly relied upon and used for every construction project.

It is especially those directly related to road reinforcement and abrasion that occurs due to extreme climate change. The reason is that this material has many advantages.

These are ranging from the price of non-woven geotextile fabric that are economical, efficient to lightweight shapes and easy to follow the shape of the soil. Here is the further information about this item.

What is the “Non-Woven” Geotextile

It is important for you to know that extreme climate change coupled with global warming will certainly make the environment unstable. Things like this can certainly cause many events, one of which is abrasion.

Therefore, at this time, of course, many abrasion protection materials are needed. The purpose of which is to prevent or handle abrasion from occurring

Geotextile fabric is very efficient, environmentally friendly and also practical in use. Then, it can not only be used to overcome abrasion but geobags can also be used for sea breakwaters. Because this material is a non-woven geotextile material, which is designed or made into a bag that is sewn and filled with sand on the inside.

Advantages of Non Woven geotextile Fabric

This non-woven is a geosynthetics material which is made of polyester fibre and some are made of polypropylene without weaving. In addition, this material also has a strong attraction that is quite high.

That is why; it can withstand temperature, weather, chemical and micro organics. Now, many construction workers have used the non-woven product easily.

One of the reasons is that it is very economical and easy to use. In addition, here you can also see some of the advantages offered by non-woven geotextile fabric as follows:

1. it can be made with size or dimensions according to needs.

2. Very practical and environmentally friendly.

3. Installation can be done easily and can adjust the shape of the surface that will be protected.

4. Can also be filled with local materials, such as sandand many more again

5. Very economical and affordable price.

Products that Are Available

In the market, this material can be purchased per-meter square or even in a whole roll. You can suit based on your own needs. Don’t wprry because it is affordable as long as you choose the right manufacturer.

It is also recommended to choose the trusted exporter to buy this geotextile fabric. The reason is that they only sell the high-quality items and they can be delivered worldwide.

They will ensure everything for the safety of those products until you get it. Those are from the quality, packaging, protection, and so on. Delivery can be done by using any mode of transportations.

BaliGEOTEX is a trusted company that provides the high-quality items at an affordable price. You may contact them to buy the best geotextile fabric from wherever you are.

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