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Do you already know what geotextile fabric is used for? If you want something narrower and more specific, geotextile will be very effective for engineering and construction sites. But what functions will we discuss in more detail so that you understand?

Geotextile is a synthetic porous textile material that improves soil quality and strengthens. Some construction workers even use it as a material to separate, filter, reinforce, protect, and drain soils on construction sites.

Geotextile is the ideal material for many infrastructures works. Usually, it is also used in construction areas related to roads, landfills, drainage structures, and other civil projects. And to get all the specific functions, also know that this is not only a product of one type.

There are three categories of choices when discussing this geotextile, especially when relating to engineering and construction needs. Therefore, using geotextiles will be easy to understand and more suitable once you know what you need in the project later.

The Uses of Geotextile Fabric in Engineering and Construction

The function of the geotextile is related to filtration. This system can help filter out what is and is not needed. In addition, this can also help the drainage system on-site engineering and construction effectively.

Sell Geotextile
Sell Geotextile

The uses of geotextile fabric in engineering and construction sites must be ensured that they can work with reinforcing, cushioning, and waterproofing. Due to its wide use, the application of geotextile is given according to the following sites of work; here’s the example:

1. Road Work

Geotextile is often used in road construction. The function of geotextile is good for strengthening the soil because geotextile helps increase inward tensile strength. This geotextile also needs to maintain its permeability without losing its separating part.

2. Railway Works

Woven and woven geotextile fabric can separate soil and subsoil without obstructing the groundwater circulation system. So this is the system the railroad needs because the train’s vibrations don’t make the ground mix.

3. Agriculture

If this is the most common and frequent use. Utilizing this system in agriculture can help with muddy trails and trails used by livestock. This cloth can also be used to insert pipes or masses of sand, so it is considered more effective.

4. Drainage

Using geotextile fabric to filter soil and granular materials is an alternative to conventional systems. Geotextiles can effectively perform filter and drainage mechanisms. This technique makes it the choice of earth dams, retention walls, and reservoirs.

5. River, Canals, and Coastal Works

You can find geotextiles in rivers, canals, and coastal works easily. This is the fabric that protects the banks of the river from erosion due to currents. And when used in water areas, this layer can also act as a natural filter.

To help with the installation, remember to find a company that can guarantee quality. And a good company that complies with export production standards is BaliGEOTEX. This is not an arbitrary statement because BAliGEOTEX is well known for its quality of geotextile.

The use of geotextiles must be by the mechanism first. Because this system has a broad tool, do not let the use of geotextiles make other materials lose their function. Geotextile fabric is suitable for drainage, agriculture, and road work for effective results.

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