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When should you start using geotextile membrane? This question we often receive will be answered once you know the specific purposes of your project. To avoid confusion, we will provide a detailed explanation of the function and what exactly this is.

Pieces of fabric inserted into the ground as a form of the protective membrane can be the primary explanation for the membrane. This material has several different functions and applications, usually adapted to the circumstance of your uses as well.

However, it is usually closely related to drainage and engineering projects. This material is also referred to as common geotextiles or terram. Some also refer to these as geocells, so you are now clear with this piece with this different naming.

This geotextile has a very varied use. One of the most common types is permeable geotextile membrane, which are used by weaving individual threads together and forming a large uniform piece of material.

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When is the Best Time to Use Geotextile Membrane?

Although there are several types of this material, you should be clear about its primary function. It’s easy to understand and execute, as it’s generally used at the most reasonable times. To increase its position, make sure you install it correctly first.

So below, we will help you find the best time to start using geotextile. This is standard usage and is the best. If you use a geotextile membrane for the following uses, it will be good:

1. Separation

Separating two different types of soil can be one of the main functions of this type of fabric. This keeps soil types that should be mixed. The way this function works is to look at the consistency of the soil and make similar soil seep down.

2. Filtration

The filtration system is also the primary function of the geotextile membrane. This is by separating the clogged debris. In other words, this filtration system makes the land rarely flooded. This system, if it works well, you will get maximum results.

3. Reinforcement

This works by maintaining the shape of the drains and ditches. This can also strengthen the building structure so that engineers are no longer worried it will fall. This is much more valuable, especially if the owner has a sound weaving system!

4. Protection

A layer of this material can be used to protect against erosion. It is very appropriate to include the function of this material as reinforcement. Because of this function, geotextile membranes are often installed on beaches, and erosion prevention is also an aid to gardens.

5. Drainage

Drainage is also an advantage because a particular layer keeps pieces of silt or debris from entering the drainage system. These fine particles will pass, but the large ones will be stuck there. So this makes it very rare for blockages to occur

Good companies make good drainage systems. And that good company is BAliGEOTEX. You should choose this company over the others because the geotextile they produce is good and the quality will make you satisfied.

Geotextile is a trendy fabric because of its varied functions. It starts from separation, filtration, reinforcement, and protection to drainage. Thus, this is why you must also have a geotextile membrane so that the quality you get is also good.

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