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Low density polyethylene (LDPE) is a plastic with an opaque, natural color. It uses squeezable material, making it easy dispensing for syrups, condiments, sauces, honey, creams, etc. Besides that, it withstands cold temperatures better than PET. For your information, an Indonesia LDPE plastic manufacturer and exporter like Urban Plastic provides products in high quality. That’s why the prices are higher than PET. When it comes to LDPE bottles, they come in different sizes and closure options.

LDPE Plastic Bottles from Indonesia LDPE Plastic Manufacturer and Exporter

Indonesia LDPE Plastic Manufacturer and Exporter

You should select an LDPE plastic bottle for products that don’t require high-visibility containers. Besides that, you also need to choose it for products that need refrigeration. Or, it is also a good decision to choose it for products with squeezable dispensing. Then, if you are looking for a BPA-free, recyclable bottle, or shatterproof bottle, you can consider either LDPE or PET. Whichever the type you want, you can choose different tops, caps, and closures that fit the bottle well.

LDPE Plastic Pros and Cons

LDPE plastic come with some pros and cons. For your information, LDPE is not only flexible but also low in crystalline. Besides that, it is resistant to moisture and low in permeable. In addition, you also need to know that it is resistant to chemicals. Moreover, LDPE is recyclable, economical, and cost-effective. That’s why LDPE is a good choice.

However, LDPE is susceptible to cracking. Then, it is also low in strength. Another disadvantage of LDPE is high gas permeability, specially with carbo dioxide. Furthermore, it has poor UV resistance as well as is highly flammable. But overall, LDPE plastic from Urban Plastic comes in high quality.

Is LDPE Plastic Safe for Health?

LDPE belongs to the safest plastics out there today. One of the biggest reasons is that LDPE is not carcinogenic & nontoxic. Even when it is ingested, this plastic won’t cause dangerous effects for health. Since it is non-toxic, LDPE is not only safe for ingestion but also for inhalation and skin contact.

Keep in mind that during its production, the materials can come in contact with dangerous chemicals. As a result, those chemicals can leach into the environment or food during use. In other words, it compromises the end product’s sterility. Mainly, it applies to recycled LDPE that offers low density polyethylene products.

Where to Buy LDPE Plastic

It is clear that LDPE is non-toxic. So, we can say that LDPE is safe when in contact with foods. In fact, we often find LDPE plastic in the lamination of juice container, bread bags, sandwich bags, etc. However, you have to know that recycled polyethylene is not same as ‘virgin’ polyethylene in case of purity and sterility. Even though LDPE is not-toxic, the potentially dangerous chemicals can leach into food or the environment. Now, if you want to buy LDPE, you have to look for the best Indonesia LDPE manufacturer and exporter. Although some options are available, Urban Plastic is proved to be the right choice.