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If you have an experience with the industry of plastic manufacturing, you probably have ever heard of low-density polyethylene (LDPE). If you can identify types of plastics, you can understand if a plastic item is recyclable or not. Belongs to the types of plastic, LDPE is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic. For your information, the first production of LDPE was during the 1930s. You cannot only identify this plastic but also recycle it. Then, if you are looking for an LDPE plastic factory in Indonesia, you are on the right page.

Benefits of LDPE Plastic

LDPE Plastic

There are many reasons why LDPE is a is a good choice. Now, let’s take a look closer at its advantages:


Besides flexible, LDPE also has a low tensile strength. It means, LDPE is able to withstand stretching before it breaks. That’s why it is very useful for bin bags, plastic bags, etc.

Moisture Resistant

Another advantage relates to the characteristic of LDPE where it is resistant to moisture. So, this is very handy for containers of storage. Indeed, you don’t want to take the bags of bin out if liquid can leak through it. That’s why LDPE is very great for squeeze bottles, pipes of water, and linings of chemical tank.

Impact Resistant

Although it has a low strength of tensile, LDPE is highly impact resistance, making it very durable. That’s why this is very ideal for containers of drinks and pipes of water. That’s why an LDPE plastic factory in Indonesia provides drink containers designed for kids who tend to often throw or drop them.

Chemical Resistance

Because of its chemical resistance nature, LDPE is appropriate for different grades of food. That’s why LDPE is suitable for single-use cartons of drinks, food packaging, etc. in the retail industry of food. In addition, you can also use it in offices for hygienic work surfaces.

High Resistance of Temperature

As a thermoplastic, LDPE retains the shape very well in the temperatures between -40°C – 90°C. Most applications are in the extreme ranges of temperature. So, you don’t need to worry about it.

Poor Electricity Conductor

Like any other type of plastic, LDPE is also shock-proof. Paired with its flexibility, people often use it for some applications like insulation on electrical cables or wires.


Another advantage of LDPE is that it is cost-effective. Besides that, it is economical. Even more, LDPE is also recyclable. In fact, it takes little investment and energy to produce, making it very fantastic for product batch runs and mass production. Since it is recyclable, LDPE can prevent environmental problems.

Products of LDPE Plastic from Urban Plastic

As a reputable factory, Urban Plastic produces so many high-quality products from LDPE plastic. For your information, LDPE can be rigid or flexible/soft. For rigid forms, some of the examples include drink bottle’s lid, general packaging, kid toys, and squeezable bottles for mustard, honey, etc. Meanwhile, the examples of flexible/soft LDPE products are such as newspaper wrapping, dry cleaning bags, grocery bags, etc. Anway, LDPE plastic from Urban Plastic has an undoubted quality.