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A modular rainwater tank factory in Indonesia has a good system. Stormwater harvesting is a method of accommodating rainfall from heavy rainfall or collecting it for later storage and use.

In fact, rainfall harvesting is becoming a viable alternative as aqua supply for business or homes. This allows you to control your drop supply and replace all or at least most of the water you need. Today, some parts of Indonesia already use rainfall in their daily lives.

The rainfall tower is very suitable for storage. Physical and environmental factors can quickly cause fresh and clean rainfall. It poses potential health hazards. Water can contain parasites, harmful bacteria, and viruses.

Modular tank

What Should You Know About the Modular Rainwater Tank Factory in Indonesia?

When rain falls on heavily polluted areas or comes into contact with contaminants such as heavy metals or animal waste, the water becomes unsuitable for consumption. Therefore, collecting raindrop is not recommended unless you are 100% sure that the water is clean and usable.

When collecting raindrop, it is best to locate the catchment tower far away from other objects and debris so that the water falls directly into the catchment tower. Additionally, the shelter is equipped with a Stop Plus water tower that has been tested.

The modular rainwater tank factory in Indonesia has been proven to be 99.99% effective in killing viruses and bacteria. One way to capture raindrop is to drain it off your roof. Raindrop is collected through gutters and piped to reservoirs.

Several filtration processes take place in the line before entering the tank. After that, the fallen leaves carried away from the roof are filtered out through the wire mesh. In addition, water enters a container equipped with dust filters or fine sand. Water is ready for ration.

What happens when heavy rains fill the reservoir? Excess raindrop in the reservoir is channeled into a pipeline connected to an underground seepage well. This pipe has an on-off valve to control the water flow and allow it to drain to the outside.

How Does Modular Rainwater Tank Factory in Indonesia Work

It is not difficult to understand how the simple raindrop collectors that are usually installed in homes work. First, water is collected in a large area, such as the roof of a house, and is channeled through gutters into pipes.

Next, connect the pipe to the rainwater harvesting tank prepared in advance. In fact, while rainwater is in tanks, it can be used for unsanitary purposes. You can use it to drop plants or watering garden ponds. So, it is how modular rainwater tank factory in Indonesia will work.

If you want a clean drop, it is recommended to buy the tower from BaliGEOTEX. It has a lot of products completing by a filtration system to filter the drop and send it to the clean drop tank. Using the product from BaliGEOTEX will be a smart solution.

Saving energy is one of the reasons why you should install a rainwater tank at home. Moreover, there are a lot of options for the modular rainwater tank factory in Indonesia you can choose.

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