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A modular rainwater tank factory in Indonesia becomes a true saviour. Water is so precious that we have to learn how to save money so that the available drop sources do not dry up too quickly.

Drop tanks play an important role in reducing household drop consumption. You use drop sparingly and don’t keep the drop pump running to circulate the drop in your home.

The job of the drop pump is simply to pump aqua from the ground to the tower, automatically reducing household electricity consumption. The aqua pump only works when the aqua level in the tower is low, and the pump fills the tower with aqua from the ground.

Modular Tank
Modular tank

The Best Modular Rainwater Tank Factory in Indonesia for Clean Water

One of the best types of rainwater tanks is stainless steel tank. It can be said that it is made of SS 304, a safe material. The first drawback is the limited resistance to chemical liquids.

Also, the joints are prone to rust and corrosion. So not recommended for people living near the beach. This type of stainless-steel aqua tank is only suitable for storing clean aqua.

This is because rust may occur due to the acidity of pooled groundwater. Besides making the first purchase more expensive than the other types of tanks. The repair costs are not cheap either. If there is a leak in the wall, it will be difficult to repair.

But of course, the benefits it offers make it very popular, especially among people who pay attention to their looks. This makes the shape look more elegant, luxurious, and exclusive. The occurrence of moss can also be greatly suppressed.

When the aqua pressure is applied inside the tank, the shape becomes difficult to change. It is the type that has been approved by the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Proven safer than certain solvents.

The Considerations to Choose Modular Rainwater Tank Factory in Indonesia for Clean Water

There are currently three types of optional towers. Please specify which one fits your needs. For example, polyethylene is suitable when using groundwater.

Also, consider budget issues that you need to spend. If you are on a tight budget and want a classy look, choose a stainless-steel tower. Of course, do not forget to use PAM water for this type of modular rainwater tank factory in Indonesia.

Stainless Tank offers two types of stainless-steel tanks with different thicknesses and sizes. Please make sure that you measure the size and volume that you need.

Water towers that are installed higher than the house, usually do not require pressure pumps to drain the drops. Moreover, you need a high-quality stainless-steel container by BaliGEOTEX to keep the water clean.

Do not forget to install a pump to keep it running smoothly to your faucet from basement. The main advantage of a rainwater tank is you can store emergency water in preparation for emergencies such as power outages.

Large water towers are very useful for storing even more water. The water in the tower is not easily polluted, so modular rainwater tank factory in Indonesia is safe to use.

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