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The Modular tank exporter in Indonesia always comes with the different innovations. They want to fulfill the needs of people and compete in the international business at the same time.

One of the innovations that they made is about modular tank. Now, this item is coming with the better look, quality, and can adapt the current modern technologies properly.

These items are usually used in a house, industrial state, office, public space as an infiltration well, and so on. The good thing is that they come at the different size and prices.

You can suit everything based on your need. Make sure to consider about the areas that will be used as the installation, water capacity, and so on.

Modular tank
Modular tank

What is the “Modular Tank”

Business, industry, or maybe government are quite familiar to this product which is made by the Modular tank exporter in Indonesia. It is actually the blocks (modules) of Polypropylene.

This material is also called as PP. It is light weight so that they can be arranged into a cube shape that has a larger size for sure. The function is usually for a drainage or storing the water.

High-strength modular tanks with recycled polypropylene material or recycled plastic are made as part of a rainwater management system. That is why; it can be used by various sectors.

Those are from the housing sectors, industrial, business, and more. Furthermore, these stems are in sheet-shaped, so the assembly and installation is very easy.

The installation is also fast without the need for heavy equipment except in the digging process when the volume is large. This form of product is very flexible in water volume management capacity.

The Modular Tank Exporter in Indonesia: Product Specs

Based on the data, this item can hold from 125 liters to thousands of liters at one location. It makes this product is a recommended solution for handling the floods, managing the water, and more.

It can be used as a drainage to flow the water underground. Besides that, the function can be as a media for storing the water underground.

Filtration well is the common function of the products made by the modular tank exporter in Indonesia. Since these items are practical, they can be delivered overseas by BaliGEOTEX as the trusted exporter.

Ship is the common transportation that is used. Don’t worry about the quality because everything is guaranteed. You can contact their customer service to ask about many things related to this product.

The Modern Infiltration Well Benefits

So, modular tanks are used for the modern infiltration wells nowadays. The modular tank exporter in Indonesia will support that as a way to maintain a good environment.

In fact, this system gives so many great benefits for the human’s life. Some of the modern infiltration well benefits are as follows:

  1. Maintaining the original environment
  2. Provide the sustainable rainwater ecological system
  3. Quick installation and lightweight
  4. Strong structure that is designed to handle the vehicles’ weight
  5. Modules shape. It will be easier for you to form them based on the needs.
  6. Free maintenance
  7. Cost effective where you can save up to 2/3 digging and disposal fees than the conventional system.

It can be the right products for you and your environment. Make sure to provide it in the trusted modular tank exporter in Indonesia like BaliGEOTEX.

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