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The modular tank exporter in Indonesia such as BaliGEOTEX is really popular within the international industry. It is known for the quality products and services.

The products itself are varied from the Modular tanks in many sizes, up to the geotextile products. The shipment can be done within the countries or overseas.

For this modular thank, shipment can be done by using the ships. It is so practical because the items are in the modules shape that are going to be arranged into a cube.

The sizes of that cube are ranging and it is based on some considerations. Those are like the area, water capacity, your budgets and so on.

Modular tank

The Modular Tank Exporter in Indonesia High-Quality Items

Their final product is lighter, durable, stronger and easier to install. In a more detail, these are the modular tansk of polyropylene. Sometimes, the mixture can be varied such as with other recycled plastics.

The products from modular tank exporter in Indonesia are usually arranged horizontally or vertically. They have the perforated top-bottom and right-left surfaces that make them are able to absorb water from all directions.

These items can be planted in the yard, parking area, public spaces, etc. The installed items consists of partitions where the amounts depend on the applications.

If it is your first timse of using these materials, here are some considerations to have:

  • Three bulkheads can withstand pressures of 17 tons/m2
  • 4 bulkheads of 22 tons/m2
  • 5 bulkheads of 27 – 30 tons/m2.

Make sure to have the right measurement so that they can work properly.

Modular Tank Exporter in Indonesia Variants

There are Single, double, triple, quad and penta types in the market. The width is around 40 cm where their length are around 71.5 cm. Meanwhile, the height is 44 – 211 cm and a capacity of 125.94 – 606.32 liters.

The weight capacity per small cubic is only 7 kg. It means that a building that had the area of 50 square meters (m2) will need for about 1.3 – 2.1 cubic meters (m3) of infiltration wells.

In the other words, ideally for every 25 m2 of fields that cannot absorb water is compensated with one cubic meter of infiltration wells. You may check the prices too, buy don’t worry since they are affordable.

They are 25 percent cheaper than concrete infiltration wells. 10-year product warranty is also another thing that the modular tank exporter in Indonesia gives for it’s client.

More about the Specifications

For rainwater absorption function, it is better to wrap this product in geotextile. The common goal is to store water with HDPE (high density polyethylene) geomembrane.

Rainwater collected inside is usually for watering the plants, washing cars, and others. The distance of infiltration wells from a building foundation must not less than 1 m.

Mean while, the distance must be at least 3m from a clean water well and 5 meters from Septic tanks. Make sure to check the area’s condition before installing the infiltration wells.

Some areas may have a higher groundwater level and clay soil that is difficult to absorb water. For that case, the modular tank exporter has a recommendation.

In such places, simply placing one tank module is a must-try action. BaliGEOTEX as a professional modular tank exporter in Indonesia will provide everything that you need.

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