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Purchasing the items from a modular tank exporter in Indonesia can be a smart action that you did. This factory usually offers the high-quality products for your needs.

We cannot deny that in many industrial sectors, water tank becomes one of the facilities that need to be considered. To make the item production is smoother, modular tank can be an essential additional aspect.

Those are for storing the water, chemical substances, fuel, and more. The good thing is that the usage of this item is not only for industrial, but also individuals (housing).

This tank is chosen because it can keep the massive amount of liquid. Besides that, it is durable and strong which is resistance to some factors such as collision.

Modular tank

Modular Tank Exporter in Indonesia Tips

Although the modular tank exporter in Indonesia can make a product that is resistance to collision, heat, extreme temperatures, and more; you still need to do the right maintenance.

The aim is to ensure that these items can work properly in a longer time. That is why; the factory shares some important tips below that you can note.

1. The Installation Area

The position of the water tank placement can have an effect on moss growth. Basically, the inside of the wall that is often exposed to direct sunlight is more quickly overgrown with moss.

That is because of the interaction between sunlight and liquid in the tank which gradually produces moss. Therefore, it is highly recommended to drain this item in a more shaded area and away from direct sunlight.

Besides that, don’t forget to close the tank tightly. Closing it tightly also makes the quality of the liquid inside is more awake from moss and dirt carried from outside.

2. The Additional Protection

The Modular tank exporter in Indonesia also recommends to add the additional protection if it is needed. If you plan to put a it in the tower, it is likely to be more exposed to sunlight.

For that, you can add protective material on the outside of the body. It can block the sunlight from penetrating the water tank directly.

3. Perform a periodic draining

If left too long without treatment, this item can also become overgrown with moss. Moss will interfere with the drains and the quality of the liquid stored inside.

Therefore, it is important to carry out periodic draining so that the moss does not grow thicker. You can use vinegar or salt water to remove moss, then rinse using it thoroughly and does not leave a smell.

Paint it In the Dark Color

The Modular tank exporter in Indonesia also suggest people to paint this item in a darker color if they want to. Why? The darker color will block sunlight to go through inside the body.

Usually, the recommended shades to use are black or dark blue. BaliGEOTEX is an exporter that provides various different modular tanks and other geotextile products that you can choose.

They have the great quality and sold at the affordable price to meet every budget. You can explore more about them through this modular tank exporter in Indonesia website.

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