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The modular tank exporter in Indonesia produces various different products for various aims. One of them is for the infiltration wells that can be beneficial for our community.

Current modern water storage has been designed with this product system. You can see many houses start to apply the infiltration wells to fulfill their needs.

Those are to get water without need to turn off the machine and more. Besides that, this water tank is also practical to store where you don’t need the huge area for keeping it.

Modular tank

Best Product from the Modular Tank Exporter in Indonesia

This product is equipped with the best specifications to ensure it’s quality. It will fit to any houses, has the slim design, and you can place it near the wall.

There is a filtration at the upper part or the cover of the tank. The function is to avoid any leaves, branches, small woods, or other unneeded particles to enter to this item.

It is for sure that only water which can go through that filtration. The modular tank exporter in Indonesia also completed that with an ergonomic cover to give a perfect cover.

That part is also resistance to the UV light and stop the growth of moss. Modular tanks offer rainwater storage and storage solutions that are maintenance-free.

The system of operation is also simple. Besides that, it also provide the benefits that are more friendly to you. Rainwater storage that is accommodated with a modular system can be added as needed.

Furthermore, the slim model that it has makes it can be placed on the side of the wall or other limited places including even narrow places. The advantage of this item is that they can save water usage by up to 50%.

Suitable for Industrial Area as Well

Polypropylene / High Density Polyethylene or commonly abbreviated as HDPE is a material that is usually used by the modular tank exporter in Indonesia. Polypropylene-based tanks are commonly found in various places.

They are used for various purposes as well. The product can be found in places such as apartments, industrial estates, up to the common housing.

The HDPE-based tanks are used as underground infiltration media wells. If the material is coated by a geomembrane, it can be used for water storage.

Now, this system is used by a lot of government to help handle flood. The abundant rainwater can be stored or absorbed really well to that filtration well by using the item from modular tank exporter in Indonesia.

The workings or use of modular tanks can be excavated and arranged as desired. After completion then cover the upper surface of the tank using non-geotextile, planting media and sand or other small.

You can do that by utilizing the principle of use, the water will absorb infiltrating through the geotextile layer and water will be stored in the tank. That is how it is worked properly and help to maintain flood.

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