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Coming with a variety of types, those of you looking for a modular water tank factory in Indonesia must be careful. Please make sure you choose types and sizes; what is no less important is to look for those with the highest quality and adjust them to your needs.

Modular water tanks are known for their flexibility, which makes this product able to help you maximize volume in areas. Meanwhile, the tanks we know in general are generally tricky to reach the required capacity and complicated to find a way to store the wastewater.

We can say that of all the types that exist and are presented by the best factories; this can be for a range of applications, starting from fire water, rainwater, farm and rural water, community water storage, and various other types of industrial applications.

To present applications such as demineralized water, wastewater, and treated water, determine which size and material to use for the type you want and need. To make it easier for you, we will provide a guide below:

Modular tank
Modular tank

Modular Water Tank Factory in Indonesia Types

We will start by explaining the two types of modular tanks that must be known. Usually, this is an option offered by the factory and supplier. For this reason, below you can see a direct explanation regarding the types of modular tanks available:

1.     Mega Liner Tanks

This is the most common type on the market for modular water tanks. This is even the most popular modular water tank factory in Indonesia. These usually use the internal division walls.

Its function is to allow the combination of services and maintenance of division so that the portion presented in this service can be non-potable or portable. It comes in HD PVC, polypropylene, or butanol versions.

2.     Mega Gasket Tanks

Mega gasket tanks come with fully bolted floors and walls. This is less in demand because it could be more flexible despite having a higher density in the sector of foam gasket seals.

The combination of a series of products presented by modular water tank factory in Indonesia comes in different portions. But generally, it’s the same as the regular type, only with less flexibility.

The Usual Sizes and Materials to be used by Tank Factory

As we have mentioned, the actual function of this tank factory is the same regardless of the different forms. But for this volume, it is usually adjusted to how many panels are needed.

Standard panel sizes are 1000mm wide, and the configuration can be adjusted according to the desired capacity. Modular water tank factory in Indonesia present products with galvanized steel or polypropylene plastic material, making them easier to install and move.

Now, BaliGEOTEX comes with products that comply with export standards. That means you no longer struggle to find a factory producing good panels to make water tanks. BaliGEOTEX also guarantees quality and can help with installation right now.

Modular water tanks can be a top-rated product lately. Everything is also because of the flexibility offered, even though there is one type that could be more flexible. Many things still need to be known about the modular water tank factory in Indonesia.

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