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If you are looking for a rainwater tower, you may find the best modular rainwater tank factory in Indonesia. This kind of tower has a system that can replace up to 50% of the water used in toilets, gardens, and laundry.

It also reduces the need for aqua utilities and expensive government infrastructure. The raindrop tower offers rainfall collection system solutions that include rainfall collection, storage, and distribution.

These systems are relatively maintenance-free and easy to use offering many benefits to your home. Before deciding to use this kind of tower, you should know how it works for your aqua system.

Modular tank
Modular tank

The Advantages of Rainwater Tank by Modular Rainwater Tank Factory in Indonesia

There are some advantages to using the system. It ensures waterproofness. Rainfall is chlorine-free and low in minerals and making it ideal for filling garden ponds and watering plants.

For society and each family, it will help you to save. Reduce the need for facilities, infrastructure, water supplies, and costly flood control. Then, it can protect sewers. By accommodating rainfall, it reduces the volume and velocity of surface runoff in urban channels. This helps drains.

If you are looking for a modular rainwater tank factory in Indonesia, there are a lot of them you can find. A rainfall separator prevents the first flow of rainfall which usually contains impurities from the roof to enter the tower.

So, it improves rainfall quality, reduces container maintenance, and protects water pumps from damage. Moreover, it also prevents dirt from entering the container, easy installation, is made of anti-corrosion PVC material, and uses standard piping fittings.

Types of Rainwater Tank Kit Commonly Found in the Modular Rainwater Tank Factory in Indonesia

There are two types of kits that are commonly found. They are PH-50 with a capacity of 15 liters for the dry pipe system and PH-250 with a capacity of 20 liters for the wet pipe system.

Rainfall from the roof of the house flows from the gutter to the pipeline of the storage container. The first stream of stormwater, including debris and dirt, first enters the drain or stormwater set, where it is collected.

When the diverter tube is full, clean water flows into the container. An overflow pipe is installed in the storage container to discharge raindrop that exceeds its capacity. This is how you can find the modular rainwater tank factory in Indonesia.

The raindrop storage container is equipped with an automatic sensor that adjusts the Oto-level water flow to regulate the function of the aromatic rain which mains water source and raindrop integration device. It is automatically switching the water source.

BaliGEOTEX offers various water containers which the flow works from the main water source to raindrop when the raindrop in the container is full. Their products are easily installed near the roof. There will be no leak for the sources.

This system is used for small-capacity towers. This system uses a PH-50 (15 liters) type rainfall drainage kit. The tower is installed on the roof of the house, and rainfall is supplied to the tower through underground pipes. This system is used when using a modular rainwater tank factory in Indonesia. with a large tamping capacity.

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