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Plastic mulch South Africa helps farmers to produce high-quality crops. Modern agriculture in South Africa continues to thrive and farmers get benefits from this industry. They now rely on plastic mulch to ensure that the crops in their fields are protected from various types of disturbances. Previously, many South African farmers lost because their crops were damaged. In addition, the plants are also disturbed by pests and weeds. Everything changed when they started using plastic mulch. Plastic mulch managed to keep the crops in the fields growing well until harvest time. And until now, farmers in South Africa always use plastic mulch for every type of plant they grow.

plastic mulch South Africa has several types and can be adapted to the needs of farmers. Some of them are local production, although there are suppliers who import plastic mulch from abroad. Usually, producers from the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam are among the actors who export plastic mulch products to South Africa. Farmers themselves are happy with the variety of products, leaving them with more options to get the best plastic mulch. The specifications for plastic mulch from local and imported products are actually not much different, both are available in several types of colors, widths, and thickness levels. The life expectancy of plastic mulch can reach 12 months under normal conditions.

Sell Mulch Plastic
Sell Mulch Plastic

Biodegradable Plastic Mulch South Africa

Among several types of plastic mulch South Africa, local farmers prefer Bi-OPL Biodegradable plastic mulch. This product has specifications that are not much different from other products. However, biodegradable plastic mulch is more environmentally friendly because it can decompose within a certain period of time. Usually, the life expectancy of plastic mulch can reach 1 to 2 years depending on environmental conditions. Even the Multi-Year UV type can last up to 4 years because it has a high level of thickness. While the thickness of plastic mulch is usually only 50 mic, Multi-Year UV plastic mulch has a thickness of up to 60 mic. Farmers love this product because it is reusable so they use it in different seasons.

However, when it comes to the environment, activists are pushing to reduce the use of plastic in everyday life. Farmers who depend on plastic mulch are also advised to use products that are more environmentally friendly. Biodegradable plastic mulch South Africa is a solution for farmers who are aware of the increasing environmental damage. Moreover, farmers usually need plastic mulch in very large quantities. Using products that are not biodegradable can increase the amount of plastic waste. Therefore, biodegradable plastic mulch will help reduce waste from the agricultural industry.

The agricultural industry itself has several problems that affect environmental change. The use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and preservatives is one of the things that can have a bad impact on the environment. The use of plastic mulch on a large scale also has a significant impact from year to year. Biodegradable plastic mulch South Africa is considered a practical solution to reduce environmental damage in the future.

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