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Are non-woven bags plastic? Many people may maybe confused by this question. It is because this product does not look like plastic at all. This item is widely used as souvenir bags, goodie bags for birthdays, or in shops. 

It usually hangs near the cashier and it is intended for those who forget to bring their shopping bags. Many people assume that this product is environmentally friendly. 

This material is not plastic or at least doesn’t look like that item (spunbond for example). However, is it guaranteeing that non-woven bags are greener and more sustainable?

Non Woven Bag
Non Woven Bag

What is the Non-Woven Bag?

This bag does not use the weaving or knitting procedure. Furthermore, it is made from non-woven fabric (fabric made from polypropylene, spun-bonded). This Non-woven fabric is made from PP raw materials making the bag more durable. 

The thickness of non-woven fabric is from 60 gsm to 120 gsm. The manufacturers use some technologies and procedures to make this product.

Those are mechanical, chemical, or other methods. PP Non-woven bags are created to be more durable than plastic ones and are designed to be reused. However, what we need to remember is that the quality of this type of bag varies.

Are Non-Woven Bags Plastic?

Well, are non-woven bags plastic? We cannot say straightly that this product is 100% plastic because the looks and physical characteristics that it has are quite different.

However, you must know that it is made by using the bond polypropylene fiber and spun as well. That is why; it is soft and air-permeable which is good for a bag.

Furthermore, this non-woven bag is made from non-biodegradable plastic. It means that it uses certain plastic types, but the different production methods (chemically, thermally, or mechanically) make this item have its character. 

Which One is More Eco-Friendly?

The answer is not about the material but depends on our behavior or consumption patterns. How consistent or patient are we to use it optimally? 

It means that the environmentally friendly bag you buy can only be called “environmentally friendly” if you have used it optimally. Here are other considerations that every person must have.

1.     The Usage

Based on the data, this non-woven bag can be used for 6 up to 52 times. You can use it over and over again so that it will prevent the rubbish that keeps piling up. 

If you use it right, this item can last for years. People usually apply this bag for grocery shopping, carrying books, promotion for a business, and so on. 

2.     We Have to Be Wise

So if you can be patient with using it for that long, then the organic cotton bag can be said to be environmentally friendly. The materials used to make this item are also 100% free of toxic.

However, if you buy it and only use it once and then buy another new one, and so on until it piles up at home, it’s like you’re collecting the finished bags. That action is not making changes.

So, are non-woven bags plastic? This bag is not 100% plastic, like the common item that we usually see. However, this product is made from biodegradable plastic as well, so you can categorize it like a common plastic bag too.

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