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Is non-woven bag eco friendly? It seems that this question is quite common to have. So many people are wondering if this reusable bag is good and not harm our environment.

You may compare it to the common plastic bag that is usually used by people. Non-woven is different because it refers to any fabric that is created together without the knitting or weaving process.

Fibers are bonded together by using certain methods such as thermally, mechanically, or chemically. The loom is not used here and those fibers are not made into yarn first. 

Non Woven Bag
Non Woven Bag

The Materials Used to Make a Non-Woven Bag

Two common materials are used to make this product. Those materials are polyester or polypropylene. Polypropylene bags are the most general item and these are used by many businesses. 

Usually, it is more for promotional purposes or used as regular plastic bags to carry some items. However, telling the differences between polypropylene and polyester non-woven bags can be difficult.

The reason is these materials are quite similar in properties and textures. The production process is also the same where polyester or polypropylene are spun into long full threads.

A manufacturer uses a combination of air and heat for this process. The threads are then pressed together between the hot roller machines to make fabric. Then, the next procedures must be done too. 

Is Non-Woven Bag Eco Friendly? 

This question is essential for those who love nature. Is non-woven bag eco friendly? If you compare it to the common plastic bags, it is for sure that this reusable thing is more eco-friendly.

It means that you can use this bag over and over again until it breaks down. However, we can say that this bag is not 100% eco-friendly because polypropylene and polyester are two kinds of plastics too.

What we mean here is that this bag can be eco-friendly as long as you use it and don’t bury it. It is also not suggested to burn it in a large amount because it may create air pollution.

You should consider having the right disposal system so that the chemical or plastic materials in this bag will not harm nature. So far, this non-woven bag is still good because it is durable and can be used for many years. 

Use for the Intended Purposes 

The major consideration here is you should use this bag based on the right purpose, as suggested by the manufacturers. If you use this product for grocery shopping, it is recommended to separate them properly.

Use the different bags for meat, vegetables, medical items, etc, and do the same thing for the next grocery shopping. Is non-woven bag eco friendly? It can be a yes since the material is not toxic.

What we mean here is polypropylene and polyester are considered the safe material for nature. The tips to make this bag eco-friendly are don’t burn it, don’t make it biodegrade, and don’t do any other things that are not recommended.

It is a normal thing because every product must be used wisely. It is also better to read all the details and information before you purchase this non-woven bag.

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