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The non woven bag manufacturer always makes various products that can support our needs. It is especially in using this bag and getting all the functions which are offered.

Some people may want to purchase the non-woven bags straight from the manufacturers. It is a good idea because usually you may get a more affordable price, and some interesting offers are always available.

Besides that thing, the manufacturer also provides various variants of non-woven bags. These are listed on their website and you may want to know the details, right?

Non Woven Bag
Non Woven Bag

The Non Woven Bag Manufacturer Products

The major product that they sell is for sure the non-woven bags. However, they are not only selling a type of bag and there are more items that you can buy as follows.

1.     W-Cut Type

This is a non-woven bag that has a W-Cut design for the handles. The colors are varied and usually, they are in plain colors. Those are green, blue, black, orange, red, and so on.

This item is good for grocery and it can accommodate up to 5kg of items inside. A manufacturer usually sells this variant per Kg, and if you want to sell them again, you may get more profits.

2.     V or Full Gusset 

The non woven bag manufacturer also makes some variants for the gusset. Those are the full or V gusset. The material used to make this item is polypropylene in a certain thickness level.

The most common one is 90 gsm or maybe more. The thicker product can accommodate more weight inside for sure. This product is also strong and can be used for a long time (has a long lifespan).

The colors are varied too from purple, yellow, pink, powder blue, royal blue, white, and so on. Since you purchase them from a manufacturer, please note that the minimum purchase rule is maybe there (usually is 100 pieces).

3.     Non-Woven Sling Bag

It is an amazing variation that you need. This non-woven bag is in sling style so you don’t need to hold it with your finger. It is good for library and school purposes because the material is strong.

The size can be varied, but the common one is 37h x 31w 9.5d cm. This item is made from the brand new 90gsm polypropylene that has a stronger and more durable character. 

4.     Flap Satchel

It is another variation that you have to see. This item is a long shoulder strap that comes with a double layer flap satchel that is so beautiful.

There are many colors that you can choose such as dark blue, red, orange, black, navy, etc. The 90gsm polypropylene is used to make this bag.

Explore More from the Online Market

The non woven bag manufacturer is now one step ahead to give an excellent service. It makes a website where their products’ photos and details are listed there.

There are still many more variants that you need to check, and visiting their website is a good idea. Don’t forget to look at all the items, and check for the details.

This way will help you to purchase the right one based on your needs. Besides that, this manufacturer can serve the national and international delivery too.

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