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Understanding the non woven geotextile fabric price is actually the most important thing for some people. It is especially for those who want to use this product for a site or project.

However, it is also good if you know about this material first. So, it is a fabric that is made by bonding the fibers together. From the name, it is quite different to the woven one and those differences can be seen from various aspects.

One thing for sure is that, so many manufacturers or suppliers sell this material right now. That is why; they may have different prices, but it can be also seen from some factors.

Geotextile non woven
Geotextile non woven

Things that Affect the Price

The different non woven geotextile fabric price is a normal thing as long as it is still reasonable. In fact, there are some aspects that can affect the cost, and here are some of them.

1.     Size

First of all, is about the size where this fabric is sold in different gramation and width as well. It means that the smaller one can be cheaper than buying the huge non-woven geotextile.

However, for a really large site or project that needs a lot of geotextiles, you must consider buying the roll or the big fabric. It may cost you more, but in the end, it is more affordable than buying the retail type.

2.     Manufacturers

Of course, the non woven geotextile fabric price that you buy from a far manufacturer or supplier will cost you more. It is because you have to pay more for the delivery service.

That is why; it is so important to know the nearest supplier or manufacturer. You can purchase any products from them online or offline. Then don’t forget to always look for the high-quality only.

3.     The Quality of a Fabric

It is not a secret anymore that a good with better quality is always more expensive. It is not a problem as long as that product can give a lot of plus things for you and your project.

The example is a bit expensive non woven geotextile fabric price is maybe more durable and thicker. You may choose that item because it can protect your land or soil better and for a longer time.

4.     The Types

In fact, the types of this product in the market is a lot. Those are the needle-punched, spun-bond, melt-blown, and many more again.

You have to check a manufacturer’s website about that type and check for the price too. All details will be listed near the picture of that product.

The Non Woven Geotextile Fabric Price

So, the price in 2023 is not too different from some years before. Once again, the price may maybe different between one manufacturer and another, but now we are trying to give a common cost.

An example is the 2 Oz 15’ x 300’ roll that is sold at the price of around US$ 2400. Meanwhile, the 4 Oz type 15 ‘ x 360’ is sold at around US$ 1360.

Those are the prices for a roll where you may get a discount when purchasing more than one roll. Please ask your manufacturer or supplier to get the updated non woven geotextile fabric price.

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