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Expanding foam sound insulation is maybe the thing that you want to do. Usually, this product is used to insulate ceilings and walls in a house.

However, now some manufacturers claim that their expanding foam products also have soundproof qualities. It is interesting to know the fact whether that claim is right or not.

There is a spray variant that you may purchase too. That is why; it is important to understand the details of this item first before purchasing one.

Sound Insulation
Sound Insulation

What is the Expanding Foam Sound Insulation?

It is the closed or open-cell polyurethane that expands to fill a cavity. It can cover a surface before the hardening process too. Spray foam is a construction material that is used for wall thermal insulation.

You can spray it into the wall cavities or onto the walls. Builders always use it because it has the comparative ease of use and ultra-accessibility. 

Furthermore, the expanding foam sound insulation can be used to eliminate unwanted sound as well. This is especially due to the additional barrier that is made between the connecting walls. 

How It Is Worked

This spray foam comes in two types; closed and open-cells. Those are made from the combination of MDI or methylene diphenyl diisocyanate and some mixture of fire-retardants, catalysts, and surfactants. 

Those mixtures are combined properly and then you can spray them into the cavities of ceilings and walls. Those insulations will expand and harden. 

Then that creates a block that can prevent air from flowing through this expanding foam sound insulation. That can stop the noise from the walls.

It means that this item will do several actions such as absorbing, blocking, and dampening the sound waves. This spray foam insulation is effective at insulating, but it is not the best one for soundproofing.

The Two Types 

As explained above the expanding foam sound insulation comes in two different types; open and closed-cell. Below is further information about those types and also some more details. 

1.     The Open-Cell Type

This type is better at sound absorption than the closed-cell. So, it will reduce the noise between your homes and rooms effectively.

It has the same effect as hitting a drum using a kitchen sponge. That is why; it is maybe the perfect product that you should purchase.

2.     The Benefits of Foam Insulation Spray

The expanding foam sound insulation in a spray product comes with so many advantages. Here are some of those benefits for your house and property.

  • Great thermal insulation 
  • Prevention of sound, especially from traveling out and in of the rooms or buildings
  • Good air barrier and moisture
  • It can be applied on several parts such as walls, ceilings, wall crevices, and cavities
  • It has sound-deadening benefit

3.     Open or Closed-Cell

The open variant is a porous substance of connected and opened cells. It is less rigid so that it can allow air and moisture infiltration. Since that design, this type is good for trapping sound. 

That is why; the open cell is better to reduce noise than the closed cell. The hard surface on this expanding foam sound insulation will reflect, resonate, bounce, or even block more.

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