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Is foam better than cotton for soundproofing? This question always makes people curious enough about which materials are the best option. You should know that both of these materials are used for soundproofing.

This fact is interesting because we usually know cotton is used to make certain goods. Those are towels, coffee filters, and clothing. The fact is cotton is also applied to make soundproofing or sound-absorbing products, and here is its effectiveness.

Cotton is a material that can be used to make many items such as clothing, towels, and coffee filters. However, it is also one of the great sound-absorbing products. The question is: is this material better than foam?

Sound Insulation
Sound Insulation

Is Foam Better than Cotton for Soundproofing?

Insulation or soundproofing can make your properties feel more comfortable. This product can help to prevent any unwanted air or heat from escaping and entering.

Besides that, insulation also has other benefits such as reducing noise. The cotton and foam soundproofing have their characteristics. Below are those differences that you should note. 

1.     Cotton Soundproofing

This product is also known as denim insulation and people agree that it is one of the best types of soundproof insulation. This is especially true with its high NRC value. 

It is great to reduce noise, but this product has a lower R-value. It means that cotton soundproofing is not ideal for colder climates. 

This item is also eco-friendly because it is made from recycled denim. However, the price is a bit more expensive, especially when you compare it to other High R-value goods. 

2.     The Spray Foam Soundproofing

Is foam better than cotton for soundproofing? We will take a look at the spray foam product for this case. This item can get into small areas and cracks. 

It will protect your property from any unwanted airs to come and go from this area. However, it is also great to prevent noise from traveling inside your property.

Usually, this foam is applied to the wall before the drywall is installed. The NRC rating is around 70, and the STC rating is 39 based on the data that we got.

Other Types of Soundproofing

Insulation or soundproofing products are varied. Besides the things listed above, there are still some other types of soundproofing that you should know. 

Examples are mineral wool, fiberglass, and cellulose. Maybe you want to know further about these types, right? If it is so, below is a small description to know.

  • Cellulose insulation. It gives you the same noise-reduction effect, but physically it is not as dense as other products. It is the best option if you want to get thermal insulation too.
  • Mineral Wool. It is made from rock fiber and is almost similar to fiberglass. However, it is denser than fiberglass, so it can work better.
  • Fiberglass insulation. It is made from many glass fibers that are packed material until they make the porous shape. It is good to block the noise and absorb the sound waves properly.

Is foam better than cotton for soundproofing? We can say that foam is a step better than cotton, but cotton can absorb sound effectively too since it traps the noises within its fibers part. 

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