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Noise always exists in the daily life. However, you cannot let it disturb you. In fact, noise may lead to depression, stress, or even worse conditions. Because of that, you have to make your home more peaceful. In this case, you should consider sound insulation. Today, you can find a sound insulation factory in Indonesia providing various products of soundproofing insulation.

Best Materials of Sound Insulation

Sound insulation may come from different materials. Below are some of the most common materials for sound insulation products.

Mineral Wool Sound Insulation

First, it is made of slag or natural stone. The manufacturer heats the slag/natural stone to a high temp and spins it into fibers resembling wool before the factory strengthens it.

Fiberglass Sound Insulation

Then, this sound insulation comes from heated glass spun fiber paired with plastic for flexibility. It is not only famous but also cost-effective. Generally, it is available in loose-fill, rolls, and bats.

Cotton Sound Insulation

Manufacturers use cellulose fibers from clothing like denim jeans to create this sound insulation. Besides that, they bind the fibers in batts. Then, you can install them easily between stud boards.

Cellulose Sound Insulation

Next, there’s a cellulose sound insulation where it comes from shredded paper products such as cardboard, newspaper, etc. Here, the sound insulation factory in Indonesia adds fire-retardant materials to it so that this sound insulation is resistant to fire.

Foam Sound Insulation

Another sound insulation is from foam. It is available in different spray foam forms to rigid boards where they come from different plastic types. For your information, there are 2 forms available: open and closed cellular. You need to know that the open cellular insulation offers the better quality to absorb noise. Then, spray foam is not only versatile but also easy to use. Moreover, this sound insulation fits in closed off places as well as awkward areas very well.

Does Sound Insulation Work?

Of course, sound insulation makes an area more soundproof. However, it doesn’t work perfectly except you combine it with other products such acoustic caulk, soundproof drywall, etc. If you want to make a soundproof room, the best way to do is to layer many products of sound insulation. In this case, you must keep in mind that thicker sound insulation increases the energy efficiency (R-value). Besides that, it increases the level of sound absorption. Therefore, thicker sound insulation will allow less noise passing through.

Best Sound Insulation Factory in Indonesia

Sound Insulation Material - Sound Insulation Latest Price, Manufacturers &  Suppliers

In shopping sound insulation, you have to choose the best material and place to buy it. We can simply say that mineral wool is the best material for sound insulation. However, it is also the priciest one. However, if you are looking for the cheapest one, you can consider fiberglass insulation. But it still provides high performance to absorb sound. Now, you can shop the best products of sound insulation with the best quality & price. You can consider sound insulation from Urban Plastic for the best deal.