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Today, sound insulation has a great contribution to a new project of soundproofing. Here, you are able to build the best techniques of soundproofing. So, it is clear that sound insulation can be a perfect foundation for a soundproof building or room. For your guide, we will help you to find the best sound insulation factory in Indonesia.

The Review of a Sound Insulation Factory in Indonesia

Insulation is a material of building creating a transmission barrier from somewhere to another place. Usually, insulation can prevent the heat transfer. In this case, sound insulation will prevent the sound transmission from a certain area to another. This method absorbs sound striking it and disrupting the noise path. Then, Urban Plastic is a great factory that provides and supplies sound insulation products in Indonesia.

Sound Insulation Factory in Indonesia

How to Choose the Best Sound Insulation

In building a wall, insulation belongs to an integral part. When you decide on the best home insulation, you should consider soundproofing. However, there are still other helpful elements in choosing the best sound insulation.


It measures the resistance of the material to the heat flow. With higher R-value, the insulation is more resistant to heat transfer, resulting in the better sound insulation.

Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC)

When it comes to sound insulation, the number of NRC is very important. In fact, it measures the ability of the insulation in absorbing sound.

Fire Resistance

This is the ability of the product to withstand fire. You can find sound insulation from Urban Plastic that come with natural fire-resistant properties.


Some people are sensitive to certain products. So, you must understand it before installing certain products of insulation.

Eco Choice

A sustainable source of sound insulation is ideal for eco-conscious people. In this case, you can consider mineral wool, cotton, cellulose, or fiberglass considering their quality, longevity, and sustainability.


Since sound insulation is available in different forms, you must consider the ease of installation, especially if you want a DIY sound insulation project.


Different types of sound insulation come with different prices. Generally, sound insulation products with the higher R-value are more expensive.


Lastly, you should consider the STC rating. It is the amount of sound the insulation product blocks. So, with the higher STC, a sound insulation product can block more noise.

The Importance of Sound Insulation

Even though it doesn’t belong to the most glamorous element in the building, sound insulation is really essential to create a soundproof space. Fortunately, there are many options available on the market you can choose. When you are going to buy sound insulation products, make sure that you consider some aspects including what we have mentioned and explained above. By considering those aspects, you will be able to choose the best one. To ensure that you get the top-quality product, you should shop from the best sound insulation factory in Indonesia. However, if you have no idea, Urban Plastic can be the best place to search for your desired sound insulation.