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What is sound insulation foam? As it is named, it is a foam that is installed in a building to reduce the noise. A building will need more than one foam to reduce the sound effectively.

This item is commonly seen in several places such as at schools, restaurants, open-plan offices, and so on. In other words, you can say that many modern buildings will use this item. 

This product may come in many types, and one of them is a panel. Here is more about this foam and also how it works to help reduce the noise in your room.

Sound Insulation
sound insulation

How Sound Insulation Foam Works

To know about the process, you should note first that it has two types of foams; those are sound absorbing and sound-blocking foam. They have different functions and here is a further description.

1.     Sound Absorbing Foam

This type is more lightweight and softer at the same time. It is a flexible and open cell structure that functions as a natural sound wave absorber. 

This Sound absorption will prevent noise from reverberating off certain hard surfaces such as floors, walls, and ceilings. It will change the sound energy into another form (heat).

After that, it also reduces the ability of sound waves to bounce back into the room where this thing is installed. To use it, you can cut this thing into a wedge or pyramid shape.

2.     Sound Blocking Foam

This type of sound insulation foam can prevent noise from traveling through your walls around. You must use other materials that have the opposite characteristics from the lightweight and soft item.

The main character of this item is it has a closer cell structure. If that structure is denser and thicker, then the soundwaves have a lower chance of penetrating through another side. 

When to Install the Sound Absorbing Foam

The sound-absorbing option is more recommended for a room that has hard surfaces. It is like when you are in a church or gymnasium. You may hear the echo there when you clap your hands.

The reason is the sound is bouncing off of the ceiling and wall. Then, it is amplified by the shape of that room. To soak up the noise in a large room, you can install the acoustic tile. 

It is the common approach, but you may need to cut that item into the needed sizes. This method is good for absorbing the airborne noise and preventing the echo as well.

The Right Time to Install Sound Blocking Foam

This product is needed if the sound coming through the ceilings and walls from the adjoining part of the room. It means that this sound blocking is recommended if you want to block the noise.

It is installed inside the wall construction. This product is usually in dense and heavy panels. The design is to decouple the walls between your rooms where at last it can stop noises travelling through materials. 

You can check everything first before buying such as about the thickness, size, and so on. The sound insulation foam is available online or offline, and it can be shipped internationally as well.

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