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Are you looking for the products for sound insulation foam for ceiling? There are several types and options that you must know. But before, it is better to understand about sound insulation or absorption.

It is the process to remove the sound energy from the environment. Meanwhile, the diffusers will reflect any sound waves in certain different directions.

The materials that are highly-absorbent, will reflect only a small portion of sound energy. It works by turning the sound energy into heat, especially when the waves affects these materials.

Sound Insulation
Sound Insulation

Where You Can Use It

The sound insulation foam for ceilings can be applied in all buildings (commercial and residential). It will help to prevent any noises from travelling from floor to floor, room to room, and also from the exterior to interior.

This sound insulation or soundproofing will make your properties feel more comfy. Besides that, it also provides a better working environment for employees.

This foam can reduce any sound transfers during or even after the construction. Some types of insulation products are available and can give you any level of soundproofing.

The Types of Sound Insulation Foam for Ceilings

In the market, there are many types of sound insulation foam to choose. Here are some types and reviews to know which work better for sound reduction purpose.

  • Fiberglass batt insulation. It is an affordable option and has many sizes
  • Spray Foam. This item is a two-part spray made from polyurethane foam
  • Fiberglass Blow-In. This blow-in insulation is more recommended for a small space
  • Mineral wool. It is made from the furnace slag, rock, and other raw materials.
  • This item is a loose one that is made from the recycled paper materials
  • Rigid Board. Rigid board is easy to handle and lightweight. It has three types: expanded polystyrene, extruded polystyrene, and polyisocyanurate.

More Details about the Products

Based on the types above, we will share the details of some products. Here is the information about spray foam, fiberglass batt, and mineral wool soundproof sound insulation.

1.     Spray Foam

It has two types such as open cell and closed cells. This spray foam can increase the structure which is installed and it can give the right thermal and air control too.

The open cell variety is recommended for sound reduction, but all types are great for blocking sound. This product works by hardens and strengthens the surfaces such as floors, ceilings, walls, etc.

2.     Fiberglass Batt

It is a famous option if you want to soundproofing businesses and homes. This material is also affordable, give the effective climate control, and can be used in various climate zones.

You will notice that this fiberglass batt is also easy to install. It is highly recommended for sound absorption where the denser and thicker product can give you a better performance.

3.     Mineral Wool

It is great for sound reduction for your businesses and homes. This item is also called the rock wool insulation since it is made from rock that is known as the furnace slag from the industry of iron.

Other raw materials are also applied to make this mineral wool. You may choose this item as your sound insulation foam for ceiling because it is effective and easy to find as well.

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