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The best sound insulation is maybe something that you need right now. Thank God because, in the market, you can find some types and variants made from different materials.

That is why; their prices range as well which means you can choose one based on your budget. It is recommended to purchase the right product and the only way to do that is by knowing the details.

The major thing to do is to find material that will work the best in your condition. Some considerations to have are the price, R-value, flammability, sound insulation, environmental impact, and so on. 

Sound Insulation
sound insulation

Materials for Sound Insulation

To consider the best sound insulation, you should take a look at the material first. Below are several materials that are usually used to make this insulation purpose.

1.     Fiberglass

It is the most general insulation nowadays. It is made by weaving fine strands of glass effectively into the insulation material. That is why; fiberglass is great for minimizing the transfer of heat.

One thing to note when you choose to use fiberglass is it must have proper safety equipment. Furthermore, this material is non-flammable and the R-Values are ranging from 2.9 – 3.8 per inch. 

2.     Mineral Wool

Mineral wool is considered the next best sound insulation to try. It may refer to some types such as glass wool, rock, and slag wool.

  • Glass wool is made from recycled glass
  • Rock wool is made from basalt
  • Slag wool is manufactured from the slag from steel mills. 

The general mineral wool in the USA is the slag type. You may buy this item as a loose material or in batts. One thing to know is most mineral wool doesn’t have additives that make it fire-resistant.

3.     Polyurethane Foam

Many people agree that this polyurethane foam is one of the best sound insulation options to have. This type nowadays uses CFC or non-chlorofluorocarbon gas that is used as the blowing agent.

That is why; this foam is quite light where the weight is around 2 pounds per cubic foot. The R-value that it has is around R-6.3 per inch of thickness. The low-density foam is also available in a spray product. 

You can just spray it easily in an area that has no insulation. The R-value of this type is around R 3.6 rating/inch of thickness. Another pro of this polyurethane is the fire-resistant feature.

About Polystyrene Materials

This one of the best sound insulation choices is also so popular. It is a waterproof thermoplastic foam. Many people agree that it is a great temperature and sound insulation material. 

You may see that it comes in two different variants; the extruded (XEPS) and expanded (EPS). People usually call it Styrofoam and the two variants above have different specs.

The XEPS has the R Value of R-5.5 and it is more expensive than EPS. Meanwhile, the EPS R-value is around 4. The unique thing about polystyrene insulation is its smooth surface. 

This foam can be created or just cut into blocks. Then you may attach them to your wall and get the functions. So, which one is the best sound insulation for your property?

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