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You must know that spray foam sound insulation is one of the most famous types of insulation nowadays. You can find it easily in the commercial and domestic markets.

This item has so many benefits and one of them is to seal even the smallest crevices and cracks. You can apply it easily in the hard-to-reach area. 

Based on the data, this spray comes in two varieties. Those are open cells and closed cells that have different unique features. You may get further information on those varieties below. 

Sound Insulation
Sound Insulation

Types of Spray Foam Sound Insulation

Just like the explanation above, the spray foam sound insulation types are divided into two varieties. Below is the detail about those variants and also the benefits. 

1.     Open Cell 

This insulation can absorb sound and vibration effectively. It is less dense and much more flexible. It means that this open cell can be your perfect option to reach the hard-to-reach place. 

This variant will expand when it dries. It can fill any cracks or gaps that you may see. The open cell type has so many benefits for us such as reducing heat loss and preventing drafts.

Furthermore, it will improve air quality since it can reduce allergens and dust. You may use it to cover any area because it gives you excellent coverage. It is also low-density and has a sound-deadening quality. 

2.     Closed Cell

This is the second type of spray foam sound insulation. It is good to block heat and draft since it is denser than the first variant above. This product has a higher R-value that is better at insulating a property. 

You will see that it is more rigid making the closed-cell is more difficult to work in a small and tight area. However, the closed cell also has some benefits for us, such as:

  • Water resistant, so it is suitable for both; indoor and outdoor rooms.
  • Thermal properties and high U-value. It creates a strong barrier for preventing heat loss and air leaks.
  • Rigid density. It has a bubble structure that is more tightly compressed. It can expand up to 25-30 mm per layer that is applied. 
  • This type of spray foam sound insulation is high-density. It means that closed is used to support the structural integrity of your property or building. 

Pick the Correct Spray Foam Insulation 

Based on the explanation above, you may note whether the open or closed cells are quite similar. However, it is better to choose the right option based on your condition and circumstances.

Applying the wrong product may lead you to air leakage and rot. It means that you will not get any benefits and that may bring you to costly problems ahead. 

Before buying, try to read the details of spray foam sound insulation products sold by a store, manufacturer, or supplier. Usually, they have the perfect item for industrial, commercial, or nationwide use. 

You may contact their customer service to get further advice and help about their products. The responsive customer service will always answer your questions and guide you to find the correct spray foam sound insulation.

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