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Where should I put soundproof foam? The answer depends on several points of view referring to what room or any specific location in a space. 

When we are talking about this soundproof foam, all of us will straightly think of a recording studio. It is a place to record music, and that is why; the owner will install this foam to control the noise. 

This item can reduce the residual sound by dampening the unwanted and smaller sounds. Those are the general room noise or echo where at last, the clearer sound can be produced. 

sound insulation
sound insulation

Where Should I Put Soundproof Foam? 

This foam is not only suitable for a recording studio. You can install it anywhere such as at your home, in your business, theatre, in schools, hospitals, and many more.

This product is great for places that suffer from annoying or loud noises. An example is if your house is located near a big road that is busy with many vehicles every day.

To place this soundproof foam, there are some considerations that you should have. The first is determining the location. If you deal with sound recording or getting the best sound quality, then placing it on the wall is the best solution.

It is also recommended if your space is not too huge. The most favorite areas are usually behind speakers or opposite the speakers. Meanwhile, in a larger space, the ceiling can be the right area to put this soundproof foam.

After deciding on the area, then clean that place and measure everything first. Make sure to do the right measurement, so that this foam can be installed properly.

Best Locations for Several Rooms

Where should I put soundproof foam? The explanation above gives us a view of the right location. However, the different areas may need different locations too.

An example is the area for a home studio can be different from the home office. To know the right spot, below are several recommendations for you.

1.     The Right Placement for a Home Studio

This soundproof foam is great for reducing echo, reverb, and absorbing noise. The most common areas to place this thing are on the ceiling and walls. Other ideas are in the corners part of behind your speakers. 

If your room is not too large, you won’t need too many panels. Please make sure to measure the dimensions of your room to help you get the best panels’ size. 

2.     The Best Placement for a Home Office

A home office can use various types of soundproofing foam. The absorptive panel is good for reducing echo, while the diffusive variant is recommended to distribute sound throughout your room evenly. 

The best areas to place your panels are walls and ceilings. It is more effective than installing that product on the floor. You should know that sound waves can travel easily through hard surfaces such as ceilings and walls. 

Another consideration is knowing where the source of noise is. If there is a window at your office, it can be good to place a soundproof foam near this window. 

Where should I put soundproof foam? It can be anywhere as long as it doesn’t disturb your mobility in a room, and that foam must be able to do its job properly.

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